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  • Audit,
  • Review of financial statements,
  • Agreed procedures,
  • Compilation.

Business Advisory

  • Analysis of financial and tax,activities,
  • Business process analysis, design and implementation of control mechanisms,
  • Business-plan development,
  • Assessment of shares,
  • Reorganization, formulation of distributive balance.

Consultancy on accounting

  • Consultancy on transition to IFRSs,
  • Development of accounting policy,
  • Development of working chart of accounts,
  • Development of manual for accounting of sample operations,
  • Documentation and document processing,
  • Analysis of existing accounting system, identification of deficiencies and suggestions on their elimination, improvement of existing procedures and presentation of action plan,
  • Introduction of cost accounting system,
  • Assessment of software and technical needs for accounting (technologies), implementation of accounting software/system,
  • Accounting of financial results of individual transactions (contracts) and presentation in the financial statements.

Consultancy on taxes

  • Consultancy on tax legislation,
  • Calculation of taxes and other mandatory payments, checking, adjustments of payments and balances, preparation of financial statements (calculations),
  • Accounting of tax results of individual transactions (contracts) and presentation in the financial statements (calculations).


  • Accounting courses for beginners,
  • Courses on automated accounting,
  • IFRScourses.

Other services

  • Preparation of liquidation reports, liquidation,
  • Inventory and assessment of assets and liabilities,
  • Labour legislation and consultancy on economic right,
  • Accounting, preparation of financial statements, preparation of statements (calculations) on taxes and mandatory payments,
  • Restoration of accounting, restatement of comparative information, adjustment of statements (calculations) on taxes and mandatory payments.

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